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Create Wine Bottle Using 3ds Max


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If we see more in wine bottle, you can figure base shape of this kind bottle. I don’t know how i called about this shape to describe, let me say that wine bottle is radial symmetry on shape. Please take a look this illustration below for make it clear:
Wine bottle basic shape illustration

If you know what i mean, illustration above is basic idea for making wine bottle using 3ds Max. In 3ds max there is modifier called lathe to implement this idea, by create basic shape using spline then apply lathe modifier, modeling wine bottle is more easy to do.
Not only wine bottle, you can model any other object that have radial symmetry basic shape like glass, bulb etc. Okay, let start this tutorial !!!

Create Basic Shape

  • Create wine bottle basic shape using line by access shape rollout:
  • Apply Lathe modifier on this line and you’ll get 3d wine bottle

Some of you maybe get different result or problem for first time apply this modifier. This is most common problem here:

  • Basic shape is not shown as line that you already created.
    You can play with the axis in lathe properties by click it and drag until you get the right result.
  • The Bottle shown black face although your basic shape is quietly right.
    This is caused by normal facing wrong direction or facing inside. You can check Flip Normal on Lathe Parameter.

For Other paramater i’ll explain below :

  • Degree
    This how much you will rotate or make radial symmetrical on your lathe modifier, in wine bottle my value is 360 because i need it fully radial symmetry.
  • Weld core
    Use for weld vertices in the center of axis rotation
  • Segments
    This is how much vertical edge will appear in bottle, too many segment will give you smooth result but it is also make your computer slower
  • Direction
    This is how lathe make rotation by axis x, y, or z. In my case i use y direction
  • Align
    This will align your axis based on object. This feature also work well to solve problem number 1. I use Min align in my case
  • Output
    This is how object will be create. it have 3 option mesh, patch and NURBS.

Okay, i think it is clear enough for you to start creating wine bottle. Cheers