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Turn Daylight Image Photo into Night

How do turn images from day into nighttime? Editing tools like photoshop can easily do this thing. I use a photo from Pexels as an example. The photo is taken by Zoe Koskinioti.

Photo by Zoe Koskinioti


In Photoshop, let’s duplicate the image layer by pressing ctrl+j.

Duplicating Layer

Add 2 (Two) adjustment layers, i.e color lookup, and selective color. On color lookup properties, change the 3DLUT File profile to NightFromDay.CUBE. And for selective color properties change to black and adjust the percentage.

Add Adjustment Layers

Those adjustment layers are enough to achieve nighttime. More adjustment maybe needs to do depending on the photo. In this case, I wanna make the color of the sky more orange. First, I duplicate the image layer once again and convert it to a smart object. To convert as a smart object, right-click on the layer and then select convert to smart object. With a smart object, we can always come back to edit the value of the adjustment.

Add Optional Effects

While the duplicated layer is selected, On the top screen find Image Menu>Adjustment>Hue/Saturation. Then, A pop-up menu will appear and the default value is 0 (zero) for Hue, Saturation, and Lightness. Move the slider or input number directly to change the value until the sky looks more orange. Press the object selection tool (“w” button) and drag the mouse to select the sky. After that, press add layer mask button on the bottom right of the screen. It will make the Hue/Saturation only affect the sky. If the photo is not dark enough, make a duplicate on a selective color layer and then adjust the opacity value until satisfied. Now, the photo turns into night mode.