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3da Max : FFD (Free-Form Deformation) Select Modifier

The FFD Select modifier is a versatile tool that enables users to manipulate the control points of an FFD (Box) Space Warp or FFD (Cyl) Space Warp. With this modifier, you can easily change the selection of control points and propagate the selection up the stack. This feature is particularly useful for creating complex 3D models and animations.

To use the FFD Select modifier, you can follow these simple steps:
  • While Object is selected, Access the FFD space warp on the "Modifier List" by clicking on the  "Modify panel" and then Choose FFD Select from the list of modifiers.

      Modify panel > Modifier List > FFD Select.

  • If using "Default" workspaces, you can access the FFD Select modifier from the Modifiers menu under Selection Modifiers. Modifiers menu > Selection Modifiers > FFD Select

    Default Workspaces
    Modifiers Menu > Selection Modifiers > FFD Select

  • For "Alt menu and toolbars" workspaces, You can access the FFD Select modifier from the Modifiers menu under Selection. Modifiers menu > Selection > FFD Select
    Alt Menu Workspace
    Modifiers Menu > Selection > FFD Select

When it comes to manipulating sub-object geometry in the stack, the FFD modifiers offer space-warp versions that can warp space in a variety of ways. By applying a Bend modifier to an FFD space warp, for instance, you can bend its control points and alter the shape of the object to which the space warp is attached.

One particularly helpful feature of the FFD modifiers is the FFD Select modifier, which allows you to choose specific patterns of control points within the sub-object and use other modifiers to deform them. This modifier is particularly useful when you want to assign Linked XForm modifiers to only certain parts of the FFD space warp.

Using Linked XForm Modifier in Combination with FFD Space Warp:

  • First, create an object, a couple of dummies, and an FFD space warp, such as FFD (Box).

  • Bind the FFD space warp to the object you want to deform.
  • After selecting the FFD space warp, apply an FFD Select modifier.
  • Choose the control points that you want to use to impact the object at the Control Points sub-object level.
  • Apply a Linked XForm modifier, and pick one of the dummies to act as a control object.
  • Apply another FFD Select modifier and pick a different selection of control points.
  • Then apply another Linked XForm modifier and assign the second dummy as a control object.
  • You may now manipulate either of the dummy objects to change the position of the linked control points in the FFD space warp and modify the target object.

User Interface

To choose control points aligned with a specific axis plane, please follow the steps below:
  • Begin by selecting a selection button.
  • Next, choose FFD control points in the viewports.